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Negative influences cause problems.

Positive influences create solutions. 

The future of influence

In an age where everyone is an ‘influencer,’ it is growing increasingly more challenging to garner attention, build trust, and inspire action.  

It’s why businesses fail, teams clash, and why 70% of people are disengaged at work (according to a 2017 Gallup study). 

As employees and consumers continue to demand a greater level of care and authenticity, the formula to influence is changing, and we’d love to show you how leading companies and influencers are staying ahead of the curve with values based solutions. 

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The ability to achieve your objective, while helping others achieve theirs.

Signature Keynotes & Workshops

All presentations are customized specifically for your needs, as we are committed to ensuring that your audience walks away with tangible tools and an actionable gameplan to create sustainable results.


Why kindness is vital to 21st century influence, and how it can benefit you in ways you may not expect.


It’s a popular buzzword, but how can authenticity actually help you thrive professionally and personally?

Relationship Building

How to build, leverage, and sustain extraordinary relationships (both professional and social).

Authentic Leadership

How to ignite leadership in others.

Social Wellness

How to live happily-ever connected.


How to insure a fulfilling life.

Social Media

How to own it, not let it own you.


When to choose courage over image.


Make any moment a celebration.

Mark Shapiro

As a leading social innovator and TEDx speaker, Mark is on a mission to fill the kindness void; inspiring businesses, communities, and individuals to a kinder standard of influence.

From his 12 years at Showtime Networks in a sales, training, and leadership role, his extensive research on authenticity (through the ‘Are You Being Real’ Podcast), and having sent 8,000 personalized shoutout videos to those he cares about, Mark is pioneering a new code of influence – which he lives, and lives to share.

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Implement solutions that people
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Strengthen internal/external influence with a win-win framework.


Expand impact via creative innovation and accountability.


Increase motivation and morale with relational skill building.


We care about your people, workplace, and impact.

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Client Testimonials

Mark is an incredible motivator.  His talk on ‘KindFluence’ had several “a-ha” moments and generated immediate results for my team.  It’s only a matter of time that everyone will be using the word ‘KindFluence.’

Taylor Conroy

President, The Idea Collective

KindFluence is such a relevent and important concept. I wish the entire University got to experience it. We’ll definitely bring Mark back to speak.

Temoc Chavero

President, LBSA (University of Southern California)

There’s a lot of gold in giving people useful advice that they can take away.  The audience was buzzing after Mark’s talk.

Mark Stoiber

TEDx Producer

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